Q & A with Storm 

We are kicking off London Dog Stories with the amazing Scottish lass Storm Huntley. When Storm is not working as a presenter on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine Show, she can be found spending time with the love of her life (her dog of course!) 

Storm is the proud dog mum of the very adorable  three year old Shitzu named Boo.  We found out what Storm loves about Boo and how she has helped her through challenges. We also found out about Boo’s quirky cuteness! 



What is your biggest challenge being a dog parent?

Growing up with dogs I was aware of the practical responsibility that came with that, however Boo is my first dog that I have sole responsibility for and I did not anticipate the emotional energy that a dog takes up, worrying about them, it is a very special emotional bond.


Have you ever had any challenging times that you feel Boo has helped you get through?  

Before I got Boo I was feeling lonely and struggling with making connections with people and felt very much on my own in the big city. With my working hours, I was very much out of the social loop. Getting Boo gave me the opportunity to meet people, make friends and opened up a whole community to me that was not there before. Through Boo my loneliness was completely gone. Having Boo has reduced my anxiety and she helps me to live very much in the present moment and really helps reduce my stress as she makes me laugh so much!


Do you ever take Boo to work?

On the odd occasion when dogs are topical on the show or it’s an emergency and I can not get anyone to look after her, which is extremely rare. Boo is great when she is in the studio and well behaved, she loves the camera!


Where is your favourite place to take Boo in London?

My Local pub, it is The Bridge in Barnes, they make us feel so welcome every time we are there. 


What is Boo’s fashion style?

She wears seasonal clothing for pictures! Day to day she’s practical but girly, a bow in her hair is her thing!


What are your favourite things that Boo does?

I love the fact that she goes to sleep at 8pm every night without fail, even though she can not tell the time and she sticks her tongue out before she goes to sleep, which is very cute! Also when I make a certain noise, she rolls over for a belly rub and she also stands by the back gate of the house when she wants to play.


Tell us about Boo’s exercise routine?

Boo loves water so much that I think she might be part fish! We also walk 10 hours together every weekend, we love nothing more than hanging out together and exploring the city, there is always something new to discover.


Where in London do you wish you could take Boo with you?

The theatre to watch a musical. We are both huge fans!


What do you think the biggest challenge of having a dog in London can be?

When in central London it is hard to know where I can take Boo with me, locally it’s a lot easier. I think establishments should be more open to well behaved dogs with responsible owners, there is still an old fashioned perception that dogs are going to leave a mess and slobber all over the place, that really is not the reality.


Storm sum up in one word what Boo means to you? 


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