London Dog Week,Connecting the Capital through our dogs

London Dog Week

Featuring a fun-packed, dog-centric, sassy schedule, London Dog Week isn’t an event to miss, with anything from fashion exclusives to office dog experiences, shopping, competitions and celebrations of wellness included throughout the week. Whether your a dog-owner or a furbaby fan, there’s something for everyone to love.

Dog Friendly London:
Our vision for London is to make our streets, stores and venues some of the most dog-friendly in the world.

Building a Community:
London Dog Week will promote connections between the dog lovers of London, forged from our shared love and appreciation of our furry friends.

Opening the Market for the Pet Industry:
From technology to treats, fashion to training tools, we aim to champion an industry that’s going from strength to strength. With an all-new, city-based forum to explore and connect with an interested and dedicated community of pet lovers.

Creating Awareness:
Dogs support our mental and physical health and provide us with happiness, helping to transform and save lives. We will promote and enable people across the capital to have positive interactions with dogs – to support their wellbeing, both emotionally and physically.

We will support the welfare of dogs around the country and beyond by actively raising awareness and funds.

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